Reckless abandon

Sunday. A quiet foggy morning on a quiet news day.

A 50 person fight and then a seven car crash. Boston is doing things big these days.

Last week, Joe Biden had a great speech at the end of the DNC. This coming week, during the RNC, Trump is going to speak every single night. And… “We’re going to have more of it live than what they did,” Mr. Trump told Fox News on Thursday. “I think it’s pretty boring when you do tapes.” This should be good.

Jessica Kiang reviewed Tenet for the New York Times. She found it entertaining.

The Cannonball Run record for driving from New York City to Los Angles has been broken again, this time with a coast-to-coast average speed of 112 MPH. That’s pretty fast.

And NASA is reporting that an astroid is heading towards the earth. It’s expected to arrive the day before the presidential election.

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