Reasons to be cheerful, part 3

Friday on my mind. Social Security was signed into law on this day in 1935.

Robert P. Connolly remembers John Hume.

There is a bit of an uptick in cases here in Massachusetts, with concern around the opening of schools. But an expert from the Harvard Global Health Institute is optimistic that, if we play our cards right, we’ll make it through the winter without a major problem. And the Director at Scripps Research says there’s light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel. So that’s all good.

Thomas Friedman, who has some familiarity with the Middle East, explains why the Israel/UAE agreement is such a big deal and why Trump deserves credit for it. (But let’s not go overboard.)

Is a hot dog a substantial meal? Adam Gaffin reports on yesterday’s Zoom meeting by the Boston Licensing Board.

If you have an old Hasselblad body or lens laying around you can bring it into the digital age thanks to this new modular approach.

And if work is all Zoom for you these days, you can sneak in a day off by making a pre-recorded loop of yourself nodding and smiling through all those long boring meetings, just like this guy did.

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