Reality check

Monday. November arrives.

Apple’s hottest product – its thinnest yet – is a piece of cloth. A $20 dollar piece of cloth. It’s actually backordered. And as they usually do with Apple products, iFixit has a teardown.

When I heard about the Southwest pilot mocking Joe Biden over the PA, I thought it was way out of line. I still do. But Matt Taibbi has a solid point about fair play. The world was a better place when politics wasn’t so engrained in our culture.

Pulling people over just to bring in revenue is a bad policing. Eliminating this practice is the kind of defunding I can get behind.

News Flash: Billionaires want to start a new media outlet to combat disinformation. About billionaires probably. Actually, the Bezos-funded Washington Post has had a pretty good record of providing reliable information. As far as the Henry-funded Boston Globe goes, the jury is still out.

And Spiders are much smarter than you think. Not. Welcome. News.

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