Ready for their close up

Come Saturday morning. The word of the day will be, is, reminisce.

Good news. A space rock that scientists had dubbed the poster child for hazardous asteroids has been taken off the watch list. At least for a hundred years.

A Massachusetts film tax credit or no Massachusetts film tax credit? That is the eternal and recurring question. The legislature is considering making the credit permanent, which would be a relief to the local movie industry and end all the bickering over numbers each time the measure comes up for reconsideration. But that would be no fun.

Interesting news on the battery technology front. Structural batteries are coming along. Imagine a car frame that is also the battery. Makes sense.

Digging that big ship out of the mud in the Suez Canal could make the situation go from bad to worse if it tips over. It’s a possibility.

And, the other day I rode my bike through Paris in the springtime, virtually, on Zwift, down the Champs-Elysees and around the Jardin des Tuileries. And today, I can also stop into the Louvre and virtually peruse the art. Oh la vache!

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