Ready for our closeup

Thursday is here already. And it’s National Pie day. (Not to be confused with National Pi Day or National Boston Cream Pie day.)

Boston Globe food reviewers seem to be afraid of the south shore. But if they did deign to venture beyond the Neponset I’m sure they might have found at least one or two new restaurants worthy of being listed. (How about Oysterman or The Fairview to start?)

It’s a legitimate question whether the Massachusetts film tax credit is a good deal for taxpayers. Bruce Mohl reports that location scouts and some municipal officials are lobbying for an extension ahead of the law’s sunset at the end of 2022. Everyone loves to see movie stars around but lawmakers should just run the numbers and ignore the bright lights.

People often joke that stress turned their hair grey. According to a new Harvard study, it’s no joke.

Service animals are getting more and more common on airplanes. It doesn’t stop with dogs but where does it stop? Small horses are OK but no frogs, ferrets, hedgehogs or goats are allowed on American Airlines. And no ‘comfort turkeys’ on Delta. But rabbits wearing bowties are alright in business class. Now the Department of Transportation is proposing uniform regulations. Maybe it’s time to put this genie back in its bottle.

And we can all breath easier; the mad shitter has been caught.

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