Reaching across the aisle

Thursday morning. Settle in for a nice cool day.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. What it’s not is a guy in a jetpack.

Charlie Baker‘s favorite super PAC backs both Democrats and Republicans. And, as Bruce Mohl writes, it gets results, especially for Democrats. Candidates for mayor backed by the PAC won in Woburn (D), Marlboro (R), Leominster (D), Gardner (D), Framingham (D), Fitchburg (D), Fall River (D), Everett (D), Easthampton (D), Brockton (D) and Agawam (D). As far as Boston goes, mayor-elect Wu and Baker don’t seem to be the best of buds. It will be interesting to see what kind of relationship develops, if one does. The IGR folks are going to be earning their money.

Hannah Bohn is a pretty good writer who apparently doesn’t adhere to the ‘write what you know’ rule. Her most recent column in the BU student newspaper is on aging. I’m not as good a writer as she is but I do have a deeper knowledge of the topic. Just sayin.

An off-year election could be a preview, and if it is, Dan Pfeiffer writes that it doesn’t bode well for Democrats. Zachary Carter believes that the loss in Virginia was mostly about schools (and Covid). Jonathan Chait agrees. Democrats have a schools problem, he thinks. Good timing for Boston, where, with the reintroduction of an elected school committee, the mayor can just throw up her hands and blame the committee.

And The Guardian explores how California botched legalizing marijuana. NIMBY. So close.

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