Put up or shut up

Friday. April is a wrap. Bring on the May flowers.

John Richards couldn’t stand by and watch while people abused the poor apostrophe. So he did something about it. Richards died earlier this week in Boston, England.

Everyone says cops make too much money. And everyone seems to be an expert on policing. But nobody wants to be a cop. A head scratcher.

Open office plans may not survive in the post-pandemic world. Google has some ideas on what the new office will look like. Think campfire circles and inflatable walls.

Andrea Campbell stuck her neck out and announced her run for mayor before the race opened up. Some are now encouraging her to drop out and consider a different job. Not likely, I’m guessing.

And Stephen Wolfram ran the numbers on the mystery of existence and he believes he cracked it. The Universe exists, he calculated, because it is inevitable that it exists. Thank you and good night.

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