Proof of puncture

A Monday. Today is Elliot Ness‘s birthday.

Scientists at MIT can tell you what happened a millionth of a second after the Big Bang but they can’t tell you when it’s going to snow in Inman Square. Marc Levy suggests that the eggheads on Mass Ave should focus less on the big questions and more on the little, local ones.

I’ve lost two vaccine cards so far. I may be careless but I’m still vaccinated. It’s no big deal.

Andrew Yang is up in the polls for mayor of New York, at least among older Democrats. His Republican opponent is likely to be Guardian Angel Curtis Sliwa.

A Globe story by Sean Murphy asks, ‘Is a CarShield extended car warranty worth the money?’ I think you know the answer, especially for the one being pitched by Chris Berman and Ice-T.

And there’s a helicopter flying around on Mars. Quite a thing.

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