Promises, promises

If it isn’t Thursday already. It’s the day Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier.

Tara Sullivan thinks the Sox can go all the way.

In his recap of last night’s mayoral debate, James Pindell described Michelle Wu’s performance as a word salad. She talked but didn’t actually say anything. Kind of like a Belichick press conference, not very illuminating. Essaibi George tried to get Wu to be more specific but, like the reporters facing Belichick, she didn’t press hard enough.

Researchers may have found a new method to improve solar power cells, making them 1000% times more effective. That’s a lot!

A house in Dorchester is being considered as an historic landmark. It has distinctive architecture and was built in the 1880’s by John Fields (of Fields Corner). But that’s not why it’s being singled out for landmark status. It’s the former home of New Kids on the Block. That’s why.

And get ready for the latest wireless technology, wifi 6e. Bigger, better, faster.

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