Proceeding as planned

Sunday, March 1st. It’s #DadgumThatsGoodDay.

Utah is reducing polygamy from a felony to a misdemeanor to bring the communities that practice it back into the mainstream. OK, I guess that makes sense.

The Boston Marathon is still on but just the fact that there are discussions about cancelling it shows the uncertainty hanging over the coronavirus. This year’s Tokyo Marathon is restricted to elite runners. Usually more than 40,000 athletes and fans show up. This is what it looked like today. St. Patrick’s Day parades are coming up. Boston is on track, as is Dublin, but other places are still assessing their plans to go forward. In Rhode Island, a person who recently returned from Italy has tested ‘presumptive positive‘ for coronavirus and is under quarantine. There’s another new case in Chicago. Local companies, universities and hospitals are cancelling travel and ramping up teleconferencing capabilities. First responders should be extra vigilant by wearing gloves and washing their hands frequently so as not to expose themselves or become a vector. And in China, some good with the bad.

New York’s plastic bag ban takes effect today. That’s a lot of bags.

$2k a month for a bedroom that’s also bathroom? Actually more like a bathroom with a bed in it. Housing prices are a real problem in London and also in Ireland, where scarcity is reshaping politics.

The New Yorker interviews Pam Grier.

And email is how you reset your passwords for other accounts, from Twitter to online banking. If it’s easy to get into your Gmail account, it’s easy to get access to all of your accounts. Make sure it’s a solid first line of defense.

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