Problem solving 101

Monday. Spring is in the air.

Yahoo and AOL. Two brands from the past that Verizon thought would be the brands of the future. But it didn’t turn out that way.

The Chiofaro project is back on track after being held up by a judge’s ruling that it had sidestepped the proper review process. How did they fix things? They’ve decided to follow the proper review process.

The author of Philip Roth‘s biography is at the center of controversy over his treatment of women. Jeet Heer, at The Nation, notes his surprise that we’re focusing more on the biographer than on Roth himself. You don’t have to read the biography to know that Roth was a misogynist. You can see it in his work. Updike, and other writers of that generation, were too. But it doesn’t invalidate the art. It’s just part of the judgement.

Kate Bubacz interviews the photographer Dawoud Bey. I admire his black and white portraits but his documentary work is where you’ll find lot of hidden depth.

And the Swan Boats are back. Or they will be on Saturday. Happy days are here again.

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