It’s a beautiful spring Sunday morning. Happy birthday to Henry Saint Clair Fredericks, also known as Taj Mahal.

Hey, let’s all go to Iceland this summer!

Sunday morning reading: Dan Balz on the long decline of competence in the federal government, which has accelerated in recent years, and how it got us into the mess we’re in now. Politico has some inside baseball on a key administration appointment. The Times bemoans a lack of leadership and unity at a time of national crisis. And conservative Bill Kristol is interviewed about where the country is now, how we got here and what’s next for Republicans.

Property managers are preparing for a new world of work. Separation tech is becoming a thing. But not all the technology rushing to market is worthwhile.

Opening New York City to tourists, post-Covid, is not going to be an easy task. Just imagine the line to get to the top of the Empire State Building when only 6 people can get into each elevator.

And it’s not all doom and gloom. We are making progress. Granted, distancing restrictions are now being lifted, but let’s hope the trend continues nonetheless.

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