Positive feedback

It’s Tuesday. Today’s word is null.

Here it comes. It’s the second wave… of coronavirus stupidity.

From today’s Globe: “Boston has regularly touted the effectiveness of ‘community policing.’ Does it work?” Yes. The answer is yes. People are angry right now and they aren’t focusing on the positive aspects of policing. But compared to other cities and other police departments, Boston is doing pretty well. Of course there’s room to get even better.

Bruce Mohl reports that a business-backed oversight group is sounding the alarm on the T’s finances, which are quickly becoming unsustainable. Expect a $400 million dollar deficit in 2022 and expenses overtaking revenue straight through 2025. They’re calling it an existential crisis.

The last version of the Mac operating system, Catalina, is still pretty rough, even this late in its lifecycle. Hopefully the new version, set to be announced next week, will be more stable. The big question, though, is what it will be named. I’m going with Monterey.

And the International Space Station is getting some new equipment. Gravity is the opposite of comedy.

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