Pocket change

Monday morning. It’s a birthday for Upton Sinclair, Red Auerbach and Sophia Loren.

Why doesn’t Lamborghini advertise on TV? For the same reason Willie Sutton didn’t rob hardware stores. Marketing 101.

Here are some things to know about the looming debt default. There’s always the $1 trillion platinum coin option.

There’s another dimension to the chip shortage affecting carmakers. The chips used in cars are antiquated and the semiconductor industry doesn’t want to invest in new foundries to manufacture out-of-date chips. They want the auto industry to redesign their systems to take advantage of more modern chips. Carmakers are understandably holding back because of safety and reliability concerns. A logjam inside of a logjam.

France is still miffed at the US and Australia over the submarine deal. But they’re giving Britain a pass. Is that a good thing? Is their relationship too important to risk a snub, or is the lack of a snub, itself, a snub?

And September is bike month. Galen Mook, the executive director of MassBike, has some timely suggestions for improving access and safety.

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