Plenty of money to go around

Monday. That strange week between Christmas and New Year.

Hiawatha Bray looks at how the coming shut down of the old 3G networks will affect the first generation internet of things. Older connected cars, home security systems and medical devices will need to be upgraded.

Fiscal watchdogs are crying fowl over how Massachusetts’ covid relief money will be spent. From gazebos to dog parks to walking trails, there’s a lot of non-covid related pork in this spending bill. And it’s nice to see the Globe doing some boring civic journalism for a change.

And speaking of boring civic journalism, here’s yet another informative Globe story, this one on how the state’s Department of Public Utilities is blocking communities’ efforts to innovate on energy projects. Keep em coming.

Covid pushed many weddings from 2020 to 2021. Here’s how one wedding photographer dealt with a busy year.

And I always knew Abba had catchy melodies but hearing these bass lines really made me appreciate their music. Also, Julia Hofer is amazing.

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