Performative politics

Good morning. It’s Tuesday! And the word is parlay.

A man walks into an AT&T store

The big question for the mayoral election is who is going to get the Black vote and will the turnout be large enough to be decisive. Joan Vennochi looks at the PACs, personalities and pitfalls involved. Meg Irons and Andrew Ryan went out into the neighborhoods to find out what people were thinking and see what kind of impact the candidates are making. One description stood out: “Wu made a less-than-impressive appearance at [a] Baker House meeting last Wednesday. The candidate arrived halfway through the hour-long morning event, gave a brief statement, and then seemed to be caught off guard by a series of questions from people in attendance, according to eight people who were at the meeting.” Yup. That sounds like the Michelle Wu I’ve seen over the years on the Council.

Art Acevedo has always been outspoken. But he also didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. He’s a very politically savvy police chief, both internally and externally. His troubles in Miami say more about Miami than they do about him.

Charlie Warzel talks to Shoshana Wodinksy about the technology behind online advertising. Eye opening and a little scary.

And the State Police union says that dozens of troopers are ready to resign over the vaccine mandate. Well, maybe not dozens, but at least, possibly, one. Maybe. We think.

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