Peak projections

Another Monday. In 1970 on this date, Houston learned about a problem.

Add Dean Kamen to the list of tech moguls doing what the federal government apparently can’t.

Last week Governor Baker estimated that the peak in Massachusetts would be on April 20th and that the number of new cases on that day would be about 2500. Yesterday, April 12, the number of cases hit 2615. Either we’ve hit the peak early or there are going to be a lot more cases than we thought.

This year’s Apple product roadmap seems to be on track, albeit a few weeks later than normal.

Jonathan Evans, the former head of MI5, weighs in on the need for public trust before we introduce mass surveillance for contact tracing to manage the spread of coronavirus. And Genevieve Bell, writing in MIT Technology Review, thinks this could be a time to reinvent how “we collect and share personal data while protecting individual privacy.” But Ross Anderson, at the University of Cambridge, is a bit more skeptical of how any of this will work in the real world.

And I’m seeing a lot more people out walking these days. That’s a good thing. But if you’re not a big fan of exercise you could just take a pill.

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