Peak pandemic

Thursday. Dog day.

What’s more important, the climate or the view from a beach house? Bruce Mohl reports on Cape Wind redux on Nantucket.

Remember ‘Don’t Fauci my Florida‘? Ha, Covid. Big joke. I can only imagine what Dr. Fauci thinks about Florida (and DeSantis) these days as it leads the nation in new infections and bodies stack up in funeral parlors while folks wonder how all this could have happened.

With the preliminary election for mayor just around the corner, Bill Walczak has a message for Bostonians: Get out and vote.

Are you tired of clicking through those cookie warnings and looking at all those ugly ads on websites? Frank Groeneveld has a solution. It’s been under your nose all this time.

And there’s a near infinite variety of pizzas in southern Italy. And not a pineapple among them.

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