Paying the bills

Monday morning. The Superbowl is over. Spring is on the horizon.

Yesterday was a very snowy day. It was unexpected. Dave Epstein admits he got the forecast wrong. And that’s why he loves meteorology.

The game was way better than the commercials. As Maura Judkis and Sonia Rao write, this was a collection of ads pandering to millennials, who are now old enough for that honor. The references ran from The Cable Guy to The Sopranos. There was a floating QR code for Coinbase. Lots of big money celebrity cameos from the likes of Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and Lindsay Lohan. And the obligatory Alexa as Hal commercial from Amazon. Overall they all seemed to try just a little too hard. But, of course, that’s coming from someone not in the target demo.

Michael Lopp on remote work. This is one of the best things I’ve read recently.

Anne Applebaum channels Churchill in writing about how to deal with Stalin Putin.

And on this Valentines Day, nothing says ‘I love you’ like a bottle of meat juice. Especially if you have a deranged stomach.

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