Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

It’s Sunday. Elizabeth Barrett eloped with Robert Browning on this day in 1846.

In the wake of 911, Ellen Barry writes about Boston, Massport and Virginia Buckingham. And this story about a fighter pilot who was scrambled to bring down one of the planes headed to Washington was a new one for me. A Lucky Penny.

Before Tuesday’s preliminary election, Annissa Essaibi George is publicly distancing herself from Willie Gross’ PAC. And Meg Irons takes a peace walk with not a single candidate in sight.

Adam Gaffin reports on some new case law for police body cameras in Massachusetts.

The Times data visualization page for covid is pretty good. There are some interesting insights to take away. Also, in Denmark, the pandemic is over.

And a Suffolk County IT director (in New York) used his access to server rooms to set up computers for bitcoin mining on the government’s dime. Thousands of dollars of electricity were allegedly used. The story doesn’t say how much bitcoin was produced or what happened to it. But I’m guessing it wasn’t much.

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