Paved with good intentions

Friday. It’s Juneteenth.

Ian Ollis, a former member of the South African Parliament who studied transportation planning at MIT, has some suggestions for avoiding a return to ‘carmageddon‘ as Boston gets back to normal after the virus shutdown.

The mayor defends police overtime in the wake of the annual release of Boston Police salaries. This year the release only added to the pile on. There’s always room for cuts in the margins but he’s right. Overtime is, unfortunately, needed to meet minimum staffing levels for public safety. Most cops don’t want to be working as much as they do. Also, Bill Barr stops by BPD headquarters to meet with Willie Gross, unleashing a wave of criticism. And Jeff Klein, of the Dorchester People for Peace, has a 5-point plan to completely eliminate the Boston Police Department, including its rank structure, and replace it with a public safety department. There are some good nuggets in there but overall his plan is a non-starter. The perfect being the enemy of the good, and all that.

Australia is undergoing a slow motion, multi-wave cyber attack, likely coming from China.

People outside the US are watching our covid numbers and saying that it looks like we’ve just given up on prevention.

And if you’re thinking that 2020 has been a tough year, just be thankful you weren’t around in 536.

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