Patience is a virtue

Happy Tuesday. Today’s word is underwhelm.

Social media and virtual politics almost wrecked the country. Get ready for the virtual economy.

Boomers in Massachusetts, who are over 65 but under 75, are waiting impatiently for their vaccinations. You might say they’re restless, brash and demanding, as the Globe does, especially as some younger people cut ahead of them by driving frail folks to get their shot. It’s kind of a negative generalization, but then again, the comment section for the story underscores the writer’s point and illustrates the overlap between Boomers and the Globe’s readership.

Bitcoin is still sailing, hitting $50,000 for the first time this week.

Is this the time for a third major political party? A lot of people are starting to think so. It’s tempting, but I think two are plenty?

And the Conway family just needs to go away. Really. Just go away.

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