Past performance

Sunday, Sunday. Can’t trust that day.

So, a few years have gone by and now we can look back to see how the Trump tax cut worked for its intended goal of increasing corporate investment in the US. According to Paul Krugman, it was a swing and a miss.

This story by Andrew Ryan is a huge black eye for the Boston Police Department. Horrible.

Baltimore is decriminalizing many quality-of-life offenses to focus their policing resources on more serious crimes. Some residents are not thrilled with that approach.

The folks at Andreessen Horowitz weigh in on Gen Z investment strategies and YOLO culture.

And Ramsey Clark has died. He was the US Attorney General in the late sixties. He was also the guy that taught me an important lesson for the future: just because someone holds a high-level government post, it doesn’t mean that they’re not crazy.

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