Partners in crime

Today is Wednesday. It’s high summer. Enjoy.

The Massachusetts Senate stayed up late and passed a police reform bill designed to make everyone happy, which of course made no one happy. Now it’s on to House committees. Where it goes from there on Beacon Hill is anyone’s guess.

The Reverend Gene Rivers and Christopher Winship step up with a lesson in local history that many people seemed to have forgotten. The police in Boston have put in a lot of hard work over the last several decades to become the community’s police department and to be effective by working with the people in the communities. Is everything perfect? Of course not. There’s always more to be done and there always will be. But lumping the BPD in with regressive departments in other states does a disservice to all that hard work and risks a backslide into a ‘them vs. us’ approach, the thing which, ironically, distinguishes our police department from those regressive forces.

There’s scientific research and then there’s scientific research on hot dog eating contests. Here’s the backstory from the Times.

CBS broke into the local news last night to broadcast a hastily scheduled Rose Garden address by the president. Something serious and impactful for the nation? No, just a weird, rambling campaign speech. Bizarre. Another guardrail demolished.

And I admit that I forgot to wear a mask the other day when I stepped into the gas station to pay. Blame absent-mindedness. I was a little embarrassed but at least it didn’t cause a fight. What’s wrong with these people. Just wear your mask.

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