Painted into a corner

Today is Tuesday. Susan B. Anthony Day.

Helen Branswell writes about why the Covid vaccines were a “freaking miracle.” Donald Trump even gets some credit.

I think Joan Vennochi is being a little unfair to Michelle Wu for her stance on unions and vaccination mandates. I believe Wu came into office with a lack of understanding of how heavily unionized the city is and how little management prerogative she would have in these situations. I don’t think she’s backing down as much as adjusting to reality. I assume her legal and finance teams are explaining the costs of ripping up contracts and violating established labor practices. It might be bad optics/politics to pull back, but it’s sound management.

The economy is reviving, especially small business. But it’s a different economy and small businesses in city centers are not doing as well.

One guy found a bug in an Ethereum layer 2 function that would have allowed him to generate an infinite amount of Ether. But he did the right thing and reported it, receiving a $2 million dollar bug bounty.

And why do we round off sharp corners? Well, because.

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