Goose and gander

Sunday at bat. Monday on deck.

Coming soon. More asteroids whizzing by the earth.

Today, the Globe digs into Essaibi George’s husband‘s business affairs. He’s a real estate developer and would, if his wife were elected, have to deal with her administration over permits and regulation, opening the possibility of conflict of interest. It’s a fair shot. Speaking of fairness, I assume next Sunday the paper will dig into frontrunner Michelle Wu’s husband, also in real estate and banking, to find out how many foreclosures his company has been associated with and how they would handle those city hall conflicts.

Randy Bachman lost his guitar in 1976. The Internet found it for him 45 years later. Taking care of business. Also, a bass comes home.

President Biden recently commemorated police officers killed in the line of duty. He didn’t mention Covid but that is by far the leading cause of death for law enforcement. Meanwhile in Chicago, the police union head is calling for a walk-out over vaccine requirements. I’m confused. But Zeynep Tufekci seems to have a handle on the anti-vaxxers. It’s complicated and the solution will not involve a Hollywood ending. But we’ll get there, she believes.

And you might not have known about the secret iPhone number codes. (Psst. Here they are.)

Mind the gap

Happy Saturday. Enjoy the day.

British politicians have a tradition of meeting with their constitutions called political ‘surgeries.’ It’s become a deadly practice lately.

In the wake of a series of incidents, Boston voters were asked about safety on the T. It’s mostly safe, they said. But not very.

In the late 80’s, when Elon Musk was still a teenager, Buick came up with a dashboard touch screen that was way ahead of its time. It was pretty remarkable. Take a look.

Our news intake went up during the pandemic. Consequently, our mental health well being went down.

And the Russians keep screwing up at the International Space Station. Not good.

Collateral damage

Friday has arrived. Seems like it was a long week.

La Niña is back. The forecast is for a cold, snowy winter.

There’s some good news on the Covid-adjacent front: the flu has been squeezed out during the pandemic. Masks, social distancing, etc. have caused some influenza varieties to become extinct, which could make development of the flu shot more effective in the future.

David Zucker writes that comedy is in an dire state and it needs to be resuscitated, hopefully before the 50th anniversary of Airplane!. It’s a few years away but he seems to want to get ahead of it.

According to Dominic Cummings, the UK never intended to abide by the terms of BREXIT regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol. Now, right on schedule

And it looks like police are going on strike in Chicago. I thought that was illegal.

Promises, promises

If it isn’t Thursday already. It’s the day Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier.

Tara Sullivan thinks the Sox can go all the way.

In his recap of last night’s mayoral debate, James Pindell described Michelle Wu’s performance as a word salad. She talked but didn’t actually say anything. Kind of like a Belichick press conference, not very illuminating. Essaibi George tried to get Wu to be more specific but, like the reporters facing Belichick, she didn’t press hard enough.

Researchers may have found a new method to improve solar power cells, making them 1000% times more effective. That’s a lot!

A house in Dorchester is being considered as an historic landmark. It has distinctive architecture and was built in the 1880’s by John Fields (of Fields Corner). But that’s not why it’s being singled out for landmark status. It’s the former home of New Kids on the Block. That’s why.

And get ready for the latest wireless technology, wifi 6e. Bigger, better, faster.

The conventional wisdom

Wednesday, the pinnacle of the week.

Jolyon Helterman didn’t want to be that restaurant reviewer who slams a restaurant during the pandemic. Nonetheless.

Polls put Michelle Wu way ahead of Essaibi George for mayor. Apparently we haven’t learned our lesson about polls. I think this race might be closer than those polls suggest. And tonight is the debate. Let’s see how that goes.

A rude awakening from outer space? It can happen.

4.3 million people quit their jobs in August, an all-time high number. Why? Jeff Cox reports it was “because of health concerns and child care issues unique to the pandemic’s circumstances.” Time to put that government handout story to bed.

And, once again, everything we know is wrong.