Gondola encore

Saturday. A cold one. RIP, Richard Feynman, McLean Stevenson and Wally Cox.

John Ellement provides us with a nice Valentine first date story.

Boston area Gondola advocates are going to keep throwing proposals against the wall until one of them sticks. And here’s one that might: as a way to get from the Orange Line to the casino. Picture yourself floating peacefully over a moonlight dappled Mystic after a night of burning money in Everett.

A billion dollar wall vs. a five dollar ladder.

It’s been a rough year for local newspapers around the country. Margaret Sullivan writes about the overall problem and Nicholas Lemann goes deeper into how we got here and what could be next.

And if you’re worried about smart devices listening to everything you say, there’s a jamming device that you can wear as a bracelet. And it’s so sleek and fashionable.

Taking payment up front

Friday the 14th. Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget.

One New Yorker is happy, on balance, with Bloomberg’s legacy as mayor. I suspect this view is pretty common among people there.

It appears that the Globe is being a little aggressive in collecting subscription fees, sometime charging people earlier than they should. Lots of complaints over at the BBB. You have to love the cut-and-paste, “Hello I apologize…”, response to many of the complaints. But at least they’re replying. (Via Reddit).

It’s a vision of the future, straight from the past. This would’ve made perfect sense to a sixteenth century futurist.

The Boston to New York seaplane service received final approval from the BPDA.

And if just thinking about mechanical engineering gives you a headache, you may be pleasantly surprised by this blog post from Bartosz Ciechanowski. He makes tangential forces and angular velocity fun. Seriously.

Good government guys

Thursday. It feels like rain. Happy birthday to Peter Gabriel, Carol Lynley, Jerry Springer and Peter Tork.

Once again Globe food writer Devra First can’t seem to make it across the Neponset River, missing out on a lot of fine places to eat south of the city. (Delfino in Roslindale was a good choice, though.)

A CBO-like office for Massachusetts, to review the efficacy of proposed legislation? Sounds like a good idea, actually. And the names of the people involved should instill confidence.

Lyle Mays has died. I always loved his playing with Pat Metheny. The improvised melodies had a personality and there seemed to be a chemistry there. Some good examples: The Way Up; Speaking of Now; Imaginary Day – all great records and featured on today’s playlist.

Adam Gaffin reports on Cape Air’s quest to make a splash with a seaplane route between Long Wharf and the East River in NYC.

And the biggest industry event for mobile technology has been canceled because of the coronavirus. There won’t be a Mobile World Conference in Barcelona this year. That’s a big deal.

A day late and a dollar short

Wednesday. Halfway to Friday. And it’s International Darwin Day. Evolve.

LAFD is buying an electric fire truck. Charge those lines.

Supporters say that Deval Patrickjust needs to get known“. Really? I think it’s a little bit late in the game for introductions, especially if you’re one of the guys that doesn’t have a billion dollars to blow on ads. UPDATE: He dropped out later in the day.

Part of the enjoyment of a football game on TV is the flow of game data. It has to be displayed in a way that informs but doesn’t overload the viewer or distract them from the actual game. And it has to look good. Some networks are better at this than others. ESPN is the worst. CBS is good and Fox is the best, in my opinion. John Teti, writing at The Outsider, examines how Fox changes its look to stay up to date.

The coronavirus cruise ship looks like a petri dish experiment. A single infected person came on board. Now, 175, more than a third of the passengers, are infected. And even though the confirmed cases are quarantined, new infections are still popping up – 40 as of this week.

The Globe has a small mention of a “malware attack” that brought down a network at Children’s Hospital. Sounds like a ransomware incident. The affected system is associated with a regional group of pediatricians and is not the primary network at the hospital. It’s still down as of this morning.

And Andrew Yang is out. So I guess this means that Norm MacDonald’s endorsement is up for grabs.

Correlation is not causation

A cool drizzly Tuesday. Happy 86th birthday to Tina Louise who, along with Dawn Wells, is still kicking.

It hasn’t snowed much in New England this year but it’s snowing in Bagdad.

According to public health researchers arguing against expanding the number of food stores that can sell alcohol in Massachusetts, each additional liquor store increases the violent crime rate in a neighborhood by 4.8 percent. They cite crime in Baltimore as an example of what could happen here with more stores selling beer. I don’t buy it.

The T-Mobile/Sprint deal is done.

Some apps offer valuable features for free. Makes you wonder how they make their money.

And if you order an ‘Ove’ Glove through Amazon, you just might get burned.