The wild ones

Hey, Thursday, right? A good day for a refreshing beverage.

How will we know when the pandemic is over? When you can dive into a pit of plastic balls. Obviously.

Dirtbikes and ATV‘s come out with the warm weather each year and many people find them menacing. In a recent City Council hearing, State Rep Russell Holmes said he found himself surrounded and intimidated by a mob of riders last fall. The council heard public comments and entertained some creative ideas like designating a special part of Franklin Park for the riders or bringing them in to ask them why they do what they do. But, asked Holmes, “Shouldn’t we be dealing with the real question, which is they shouldn’t even be in the park or be in the road?”

So far, foldable phones are just a gimmick. Apple has some ideas about changing that.

New Jersey and Connecticut top the list of best states for pizza, according to Food and Wine Magazine. Massachusetts comes in at number eight, behind even California. (I’ve had the pizza in California. Not good.) Anyway, they call out Santarpio’s and Galleria Umberto, and note other, different styles of pizza here in the Bay State, including Greek, South Shore bar pizza and something called beach pizza, which I hadn’t heard about before.

And don’t judge me because my name is round. (Only a spiky person would do something like that.)

An impolitic discourse

It’s Wednesday. Cinco de Mayo. Squeeze that lime.

Ireland is opening up for tourism next month. And, conveniently, Air Lingus is running a flash sale on upcoming flights.

The BPPA are often their own worst enemy and are always a reliable villain in any discussion of policing in Boston. And while I have a lot of respect for Andrea Campbell and think she would make a good mayor, the fact remains that she threw the first punch in this Twitter fight.

In elections later this week, Boris Johnson may win the battle over ethical accusations but lose the war on keeping the UK a united kingdom.

Scripps Healthcare was reportedly hacked over the weekend. Medical providers and patients lost access to systems used to schedule visits or view test results. Not a lot of details were forthcoming but the recent trends by ransomware groups to steal data in addition to seeking money raised new concerns about patient information being exposed.

And the country of France lost a little ground in a recent land war with a farmer from Belgium. Call in the cartographers.

Defying expectations

Tuesday. We’re off and running. Bring an umbrella.

Because of the variants circulating and the people who refuse to get vaccinated the rest of us are, unfortunately, going to have to live with a future of booster shots. Maybe they’ll reconsider.

It appears that Congress is actually getting things done, working through legislation, passing bills. Filibusters are scant. This is crazy. Stop the presses. Man bites dog.

Be the change.

Marc Hurwitz reports that a new brewery is slated for Hampden Street in Roxbury at the site of the closed Backlash Beer Company. They’ll be brewing and serving hard Kombucha.

And Apple’s Air Tags are not a very good way to track your luggage through the airport. But you can track a letter through the mail.

Problem solving 101

Monday. Spring is in the air.

Yahoo and AOL. Two brands from the past that Verizon thought would be the brands of the future. But it didn’t turn out that way.

The Chiofaro project is back on track after being held up by a judge’s ruling that it had sidestepped the proper review process. How did they fix things? They’ve decided to follow the proper review process.

The author of Philip Roth‘s biography is at the center of controversy over his treatment of women. Jeet Heer, at The Nation, notes his surprise that we’re focusing more on the biographer than on Roth himself. You don’t have to read the biography to know that Roth was a misogynist. You can see it in his work. Updike, and other writers of that generation, were too. But it doesn’t invalidate the art. It’s just part of the judgement.

Kate Bubacz interviews the photographer Dawoud Bey. I admire his black and white portraits but his documentary work is where you’ll find lot of hidden depth.

And the Swan Boats are back. Or they will be on Saturday. Happy days are here again.

Cynical realism

Sunday morning. Relax and enjoy.

Apparently the Massachusetts GOP is doing such a good job of winning elections that they’ve decided they can get by with less voters.

Following up on the Carville Democratic Party ‘wokeness’ problem issue, Russ Douthat writes that it’s not just faculty lounge language that could come back to haunt the party. The “Democrats’ problem won’t be the off-putting rhetoric of police abolition; it will be the reality of a rising body count as liberal politicians struggle to negotiate between activists, protesters, progressive prosecutors and cops.”

Post-war Britain and Ireland feature in these compelling photos from the Martin Parr collection.

CRISPR was a revolutionary step in bio engineering but a new technique called RLR, developed at Harvard, may have even more impact.

One ransomeware gang is changing its tactics. No more encryption, just data held for hostage. Another group is hiring. Business must be good.

And, what doesn’t kill you makes you… nicer? If only.