Outsourcing responsibility

Good morning. It’s Thursday, December 30th.

Where is winter?” First of all, just posing the question is asking for trouble. And besides that, who’s complaining?

Michael Norton reports from the State House on the lack of results from a commission set up to make recommendations on standards for police body cameras. He notes that “lawmakers over the years have increased their reliance on special commissions, often punting major topics to appointed panels that don’t always meet their deadlines.”

T-Mobile has had some SIM swap data breach incidents recently. The only way to prevent this is to step up internal controls and accountability for staff.

Jobless claims are down and layoffs have fallen to a fifty year low. (Thanks Biden.) Now we just have to get past Omicron.

And Patriots fans are sad. We’re the second saddest fans in the league, according to a survey by Lineups. But at least we’re not as miserable as Jets fans.

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