Out of the blue and into the black

Happy Wednesday.

January sucks and this January sucks worse than any other January. That’s the premise of a Globe story by Beth Teitell. Come on, Beth. Cheer up. Things could be worse, and they probably will be soon, so enjoy what you can in the moment.

Here’s some good news: The Webb Telescope is continuing its progress towards full deployment. The latest successful milestone occurred yesterday when the sun shield was assembled and put into place as the observatory heads towards its destination, the Lagrange point, a million miles from Earth.

The FAA has convinced AT&T and Verizon to delay the upgrade of their networks out of concern over aviation safety. But only for about two weeks.

It looks like Sheriff Tompkins will have a challenger from inside next time around.

And who do you think was interested in a movie about a recording session from half a century ago by a group of people now either dead or in their 80’s? Spoiler alert: It wasn’t teenagers.

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