Orange juice and vaccines

Monday, I’ve got Friday on my mind.

After going on a bender of political news over the last few years, we’re now suffering from a slight hangover.

I’ve heard anecdotally that Florida was doing a really good job vaccinating people, especially compared to Massachusetts. While we all were struggling to get an appointment on the state website, people in Florida were just walking into a Winn Dixie for groceries and picking up a shot on the way out. At least those were the stories. In reality Massachusetts is doing pretty well and is way ahead of Florida in persons vaccinated: 21.2% of Mass residents have had their first shot while in Florida that number is 17.3%. Vaccine-wise, we’re in the top-ten best states, with Florida at 35th. So much for the popular narrative.

Gizmodo shows us 12 things that we didn’t know that we could do in Google Chrome. I will add a 13th: quit it and find a better, more efficient and privacy-focused web browser. It was once my go-to browser but Chrome has become a real dog of a performer, especially on the Mac.

Adam Gaffin points us to a new data tool for tracking Boston mayoral candidates’ political contributions. It uses data from the OCPF site. Looking at city employees contributions on OCPF is always fun. You can see the factions forming up ahead of an election as people make bets on their careers. This election is not typical. It looks like a lot of city workers are holding back and waiting to see how things shake out.

And apparently there was some sort of big interview with some relatives of some people from England who know some people in the royal family. How did I miss all that?

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