One in every crowd

Friday. It was a long week.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive. He’s working from home. His Health Minister, Matt Hancock, is also infected.

You’ve got to give members of Congress credit. Many are flying or driving back to Washington for the coronavirus relief bill vote just to make sure Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky) doesn’t throw a wrench into the works. I’m sure they aren’t particularly happy about traveling to, or lingering long in, the District at this point in time.

Charlie Baker is danged mad.

The National Police Foundation and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS have collaborated on an ESRI dashboard for law enforcement infections. It seems to rely on self reporting and for Massachusetts the numbers don’t seem right. It’s a good idea but I don’t see jurisdictions being in any hurry to advertise staffing problems.

Ian Mackay and Katherine Arden go into a little more detail on how long the coronavirus can live on surfaces.

Wondering how much of a stimulus check you’ll get? This might give you an idea.

And this snippet video must have taken some work to put together but it gave me a lift. We could all use three minutes of fun these days.

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