One for the road

There’s something in a Sunday makes a body feel alone.

The birds seem to be unusually verbose this summer. If you – like I – can’t tell the tweet of an eastern phoebe from that of a dark-eyed junco, here’s a handy app to sort things out.

Have public attitudes and behavior around drunk driving changed enough in the last thirty years to allow bars to reintroduce happy hour? The legislature is considering it. Polls are in favor. And with the availability of ride sharing these days, even MADD is open to the change. But Governor Baker is being a stick in the mud. And on this one I think he’s right.

British politics is fascinating these days. Left, right, center, Brexit, Boris. Even the US landscape seems predictable and boring in comparison.

Some people are hesitant to blame those that choose not to be vaccinated. Not me. I’m with the governor of Alabama. I think they’re the opposite of patriots.

And, does money buy happiness? Or does it buy unhappiness? It all depends. Wise words.

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