One epidemiological unit

It’s Monday. May the 4th be with you.

Adrian Walker talks to both Marty Walsh and potential 2021 rivals, Michelle Wu and Andrea Campbell, about how the crisis has changed the political landscape for the next Boston mayoral race.

The thing about coronavirus mitigation is that land borders don’t matter very much. How one jurisdiction acts, or doesn’t act, bleeds over to affect their neighbors. In Ireland, infection rates in the north and in the republic are showing how the different approaches each took are playing out across those the borders and giving rise to discussions about Irish unification.

Almost a quarter of Massachusetts workers have filed for unemployment, according to labor officials. That’s an incredible number.

Contact tracing will be a big part of any reopening. Here’s a primer from Dylan Scott.

And I was wondering why there were no MAGA masks so I googled. Here they come. We’re living in a Simpsons episode. Some people get the irony, others just like the colorful characters.

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