Once more around the block

The Monday grind starts here.

If you have a bird feeder you’ll already know who the most aggressive birds are. But ornithologists have been collecting data and have produced a definitive list.

With the new variant spreading, David Leonhardt considers the impact of previous strains and current expert opinion on Omicron and concludes that if we take reasonable precautions this one should play out like the Alpha and Delta variants -probably. But Zeynep Tufekci worries that we haven’t learned the obvious lessons from our recent past.

The Kenya Airports Authority was tired of looking at all those abandoned aircraft so they held an auction. There were some good deals. One Boing 707 started at $2500. A 737 went for $3600. Cash and carry.

Scott Kirshner explores what it means to be a Boston-based company and finds that being based in Boston is not necessarily one of the requirements.

And on Cyber Monday, Forbes offers a look at the future of shopping. Actually it’s more like retailers of the past catching up to the present of shopping.

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