Rookie mistake

It’s Saturday. Here comes the weekend.

What is the My Pillow guy up to? Nothing good, it seems.

Anyone who has driven around in an unmarked car with lights and siren knows how tempting it is to turn them on when someone cuts you off, just to scare them a little and make a point. But it’s usually a bad idea and most LEOs quickly learn not to do it. This case illustrates why. Rollins showed an amazing lack of judgement in the initial alleged encounter, then on social media and then again later with the TV crew.

We complain about our legislators in Massachusetts but at least we don’t live in Missouri where they’ve taken stupid to a whole new level.

Wikipedia is 20 years old. (There’s a page on Wikipedia on Wikipedia.) Heather Kelly looks at how they’ve managed to make the whole collaborative encyclopedia thing work and Alex Pasternack reconstructs how they covered the assault on the Capitol in real time.

And ice cream for dogs (or actually frozen lard) has been available for a while now. It is not for people. The taste is horrible (I’ve heard). Now Ben and Jerry’s is getting into the game with their own brand of canine ice cream that humans will also find “delicious” as a late night snack. Sorry Fido.

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