Nuts and bolts

Tuesday. Lots of people on the road.

Here’s everything you need to know about botulism.

Infrastructure is important. People seem to support it. But it’s boring. Ideally, politics should be boring – just not this boring. David Siders reports on the inability of Democrats to excite voters (at a time when Republicans are pulling on every string.)

This is bad news if you want to get an early start on shopping for Black Friday: Target won’t be opening on Thanksgiving.

One interesting thing I found in David Brooks’ report from the National Conservatism Conference was that conservatives now see themselves as the anti-business party. Especially big business. David Gelles digs a little deeper and finds a developing pattern of brand partisanship.

And HBO is looking for an actor with a ripped bod who isn’t afraid to show it off. Too bad I’m busy that week.

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