Nobody’s going nowhere

It’s Thursday, April 23rd. Boston Latin School was founded on this date 385 years ago. These days it’s scholae virtualis.

While celebrities are singing Imagine, stunt men and women are engaging in a virtual brawl. Bam! Pow! Zzonk! * It’s an entertaining few minutes of video.

With travel pretty much shut down, airlines are getting killed. Most flights are cancelled and aircraft are sitting idle. Where? Mostly in the desert. One guy did a fly-by over Victorville where an entire runway is packed full of planes, each worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Wall Street Journal examines Trump administration HHS Secretary Alex Azar’s role in the testing snafu and spread of the virus.

The New York Times reports that in early March, “Hidden outbreaks were […] spreading almost completely undetected in Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle, long before testing showed that each city had a major problem, according to a model of the spread of the disease by researchers at Northeastern University.” Of course they went undetected. Very few people were being tested. You can’t detect (or manage) what you don’t measure.

Among the prisoners asking for compassionate release is ex-FBI agent John Connolly, serving time in Florida for his role in helping Whitey Bulger.

And the British Parliament has moved to Zoom. So far, unlike the in Massachusetts legislature, work seems to be getting done virtually. Harumph.

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