No sticker, no problem

Today is Saturday, April 3rd. It’s a birthday for the Osborne 1 and the iPad.

Just in time for Easter, British chocolate makers are having “teething problems” with Brexit export regulations.

Vehicle inspections are offline in Massachusetts, Connecticut and 6 other states. The systems went down last week and are expected to be down into next week and beyond. The company that runs the inspection system, Applus Technologies, says it was the victim of a malware attack. In other words, they were hacked. Something doesn’t seem right with the explanations of the delay in getting back online. A registry spokesperson said the company is “just trying to assess and understand the situation, and the options and the time it is going to take.” Either there’s no sense of urgency in fixing this, which would be weird, or it’s much worse than they’re saying. My guess is that it was a ransomware attack, everything is encrypted, and the ransom is very, very high. Meanwhile, no stickers.

Everyone loves a good mystery. So who’s piloting a 787 around the world, pushing the range limits on fuel by flying huge distances crisscrossing the globe? Indications are it’s Enrique Piñeyro, an Argentine actor and pilot who has been called the Michael Moore of Argentina. If he’s making a movie about all this, I hope it does well. Those flights are expensive.

Don Chiofaro has been trying to build his waterfront tower for over a decade. Things were looking up but a judge, and a flawed environmental review process, have dealt the project another setback.

And one more April fool’s joke gone bad. What were they thinking?

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