No small job

Today is Thursday. I can live with that.

The political environment is now officially boring. Hopefully that means less doom scrolling.

Katie Trojano does a taxonomy of potential mayoral candidates. The list just keeps on growing. Meanwhile, Kim Janey prepares to get down to the hard work of actually being (interim) mayor. “I am confident I will be able to do what’s needed to get our residents vaccinated, safely get our children back to school, and help our businesses start to grow so we can achieve an equitable economic recovery for all of Boston.”

If you want to recruit competent coders try hiding the job announcement in the code. Pretty clever.

Inauguration fashions were on display yesterday but Bernie Sanders’ ensemble inspired the most memes. This is my favorite.

And poor Joe Exotic had high hopes for a Trump pardon. It never came. That’s pretty much the last four years in a nutshell.

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