No deal

It’s a beautiful Wednesday. And it’s Niels Bohr‘s birthday.

Devra First made her way across the Neponset River to explore South Shore bar pizza. It’s a real thing. And it’s spectacularly good.

No stimulus for you. The president is cancelling negotiations with Congress for a relief package until after the election. Perplexing, since he tweeted this earlier in the week.

Marc Hurwitz reports that the Kinsale at Center Plaza has closed. Always a good spot for a pint. I believe much of the interior was designed and built in Ireland. Also, it looks like their sister pub, The Asgard, in Cambridge, has also closed down. Tough year for restaurants. No stimulus means we’ll see more of these closings.

There’s probably more information in this article about the grapefruit than you ever wanted to know, but if you do happen to eat this vile fruit and you’re also taking prescription medication, you may want to read it to the end.

And Charlie Baker is not going to cancel Halloween. So load up on the Necco wafers and candy corn.

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