News fatigue

Tuesday. The 24th of March. Market futures are green and the sun’s coming out.

Seventeen days is a long time.

The daily onslaught of depressing news is taking its toll. People are tired of hearing that things are going to get worse before they get better. But it’s still important to hear bad news even if it’s old news, as long as it’s accurate. It’s disappointing that certain officials are winging it when it comes to informing the public, particularly when it comes to miracle cures. There are real consequences. It’s usually a better idea to let the science work itself out before speculating or making promises, especially when you’re speaking from on high.

Massachusetts is locking down at noon. There are 777 cases in the state as of this morning. The largest proportion appear to be 40 to 49 years old.

Sites for tracking coronavirus cases by town are beginning to pop up. Two that appear to be catching on are Covid Near You and Lets Beat COVID. There isn’t a lot of data available yet but if enough people use these sites they could be a good tool for tracking what’s happening around you.

And while in the midst of trying to manage a global pandemic, the World Health Organization is under attack from hackers.

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