Neighborhood improvement

Happy Saturday. It’s a birthday for Gandhi, Groucho and Greene.

How many people are quitting their jobs because of vaccine mandates? If you read the news it seems like a lot. If you look at the actual numbers, as Steve Kaczela did, it really isn’t very many. Although Washington seems to have a lot of city workers looking for exemptions.

The proposal for creating a Business Improvement District for the Newmarket area is on its way to the mayor’s office. BIDs have been successful for Downtown Crossing and the Greenway. And after all they have had to contend with, Newmarket neighborhood business owners deserve a shot at some improvement in their situation.

What happened to Rudy? Rudy happened to Rudy.

It’s chaos in Paris as bicyclists have taken over the streets. City leaders should take a lesson from Copenhagen or Amsterdam. Bikes are everywhere in those cities but both riders and pedestrians follow the rules.

And if you want to get ahead of the supply chain, start your holiday shopping now. Only 84 more days left!

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