Nearest Budweiser factory

Another Monday. Also the Epiphany, or Little Christmas.

Who needs a quarterback? This is an interesting exercise.

I imagine that being a voice actor with this voice and these abilities could lead to some interesting phone prank fun.

The new hot stock? GE. Uh, huh.

Technical naming standards can be tough to crack. Take WI-FI. First 802.11a. Next, 802.11b. Then 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac. When buying a wireless access point how can you tell which one is the newest or best? It hasn’t been easy but improvement is coming. The newest standard is called WI-FI 6. That’s it. The previous version is would be WI-FI 5, etc. Backward compatible consecutive numbers. It’s genius.

And the new Mophie not only can charge your phone, it can jumpstart your car.

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