Mutually assured destruction

Wednesday. It’s all downhill from here.

There’s one more thing that we can do to help with climate change: Put sea salt into the clouds. It’s something, I guess.

The gloves are off in the mayor’s race. Campbell and Janey aren’t’ content to let their PACs do battle on their behalf. They’re taking each other on directly, sharply and personally. Frontrunner Wu is staying out of it and Essaibi George is sitting back, hoping that Campbell pulls Janey down and out of the number two position.

Maria Popova channels Chekhov in writing that the artist should only only formulate the questions. Let the reader be the jury.

We’re all going to hell in a handbasket. Thomas Edsall delves into the cultural and political volatility of modern American society. He focuses mostly on what’s happening on the left, but all the same goes for what’s happening on the right. The contemplative middle, unfortunately, is disappearing. Or at least it’s becoming invisible.

And as accustomed to bad news as we are, here’s some good news: people are generally happy about their lot. Pandemic, schmandemic.

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