Money for old rope

Today is Black Friday. It’s also the opposite.

I’m looking forward to a piece of leftover pumpkin pie. Even more so, now.

Massachusetts is flush with cash. Do we need even more? Of course we do. The Fair Share Amendment, also known as the millionaire’s tax, will be on the ballot next year. It would amend the state constitution to increase taxes on people making over a million dollars a year. As Matt Stout points out, it’s hard to make the argument that we need to raise taxes to generate more money when we already have so much money. But you could also argue that this is the perfect time to restructure the tax laws to be more fair and to allow for sustainability. I’m guessing that people making over a million might see it differently.

Rushing out for incredible deals today? Maybe you should read this first.

According to Nature, virologists are “flying at warp speed” to try to understand the new Covid variant out of southern Africa. It has a “very unusual constellation of mutations,” one researcher told the Times. Concerns revolve around how easily it spreads and its ability to evade our existing immune responses. Europe is starting to react. We’ll probably be next. The market is already there.

And there’s tension across the channel. The French are getting serious over a British lack of seriousness. Or visa versa. Maybe Boris could send some tennis balls over as a gesture of reconciliation.

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