Sending mixed signals

A Tuesday. Cinco de Mayo. Happy 77th to Michael Palin.

How is it that traffic is down but fatal crashes are up?

New models from the White House predict 200,000 cases per day by June with a sharp rise in deaths. Meanwhile states are reopening and, even here, protesters are gathering together without masks in what looks a lot like a Trump rally. I must be missing something.

People are eager to resume some of their previous activities but in Massachusetts, at least, the majority are not suicidal. A Suffolk-Globe poll indicates that most people are against large gatherings until a vaccine is available. National polls are seeing the same thing but with a blue/red divide.

It turns out that those virtual author events at Brookline Booksmith are a global phenomenon.

The Mass legislature is getting back to work. After a partisan dispute over rules, they’ve finally adopted a temporary remote-work plan that will allow lawmakers to debate and vote on bills from home.

And it would be hard to top the Tom Cruise HALO skydiving stunt from the movie Fallout. But apparently plans are in the works to launch the actor into space for his next film. Ground control to Major Tom…

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