Mission (not quite) accomplished

Friday. Today is Rosa Parks‘ birthday.

Boris Johnson is having a rough week. The Guardian sees a “fin de régime.”

The tents are down and winter is in full swing but, as the Globe reports, the drug business is still in going strong at Mass and Cass. Area business owners and neighbors are angry, impatient and worried about what will happen in the spring. And who’s in the crosshairs? It’s not the politicians or homeless advocates. At a community meeting, BPD Lieutenant Peter Messina told an agitated crowd that the police were “doing everything we can within our parameters to change what’s happening in the area . . . but you have to understand what’s happening in this area, it doesn’t just change overnight.”

A couple of days ago I linked to a story about the fragility of the region’s power grid. Today, the president of the Conservation Law Foundation takes issue with that whole idea.

In a state considered to be on the left, it turns out that we’ve got a pretty big middle. Scott Lehigh writes about the legacy of Charlie Baker and how that may play out in the next governor’s race.

And a BU Daily Free Press editorial takes on the Spotify / Joe Rogan controversy. Can’t we all just get along?

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