Mission Accomplished

Friday. Birthday wishes to Morrissey, Richard Wagner and Sun Ra.

In many cities this springtime was a quiet time. The silence was interrupted only by bird songs and clapping each night at 7 PM. The Times lets us listen in and enjoy the silence.

A Globe story headline, ‘We’ve prevailed’: Trump’s claims of success against coronavirus pose political risks, seems to imply that people are actually paying attention to, and assessing for accuracy, what the president has said. Good one.

Adam Gaffin reports that the Boston Athletic Association released a statement, noting that it was indeed a statement.

In the last few days Google Trends has been blowing up with this parallel universe business. You know, the place where time runs backwards? Disregard. Science journalism is a swamp of clickbait.

And McSorley’s is reopening today. That’s some good news.

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