Mirror, mirror on the wall

It’s Thursday, August 27th, and the Internet has gone mad.

Coleman Herman asked T employees why they weren’t wearing their masks. Judging by the answers it doesn’t appear that a culture of customer service has been instilled in the workforce.

The most popular Republican governor in the country wasn’t even invited to the Republican National Convention. In normal times that would seem strange. At the convention, the Vice President bemoaned the violence now going on in Kenosha but warned that you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America. The fact is, the federal government has very little to do with protests and violence in the streets, except for creating the larger conditions that could lead to them. And that is clearly what’s happening today in Donald Trump’s America.

Tom Cruise went to the movies to see Tenet. Thumbs up, apparently.

We’re getting a peek at what the new normal will look like. Boston area businesses were surveyed and the consensus is that remote work is here to stay, even after coronavirus concerns have passed. Gartner found the same thing on a larger scale.

And remember those mysterious seeds that people were receiving? Turns out it was probably just brushing, in which online sellers send random people free things to boost their own presence in the marketplace by then writing glowing reviews for themselves that appear to come from verified buyers. Seeds are lightweight and cheap, and perfect for this scam.

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