Sunday morning. It’s a new day. Bright sunshine and warm temperatures.

Man’s best friend is coming back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This weekend, here in southeastern Massachusetts in November, it was in the mid 70s. Not snow weather exactly. In fact, by the year 2100 it’s predicted that much of southern New England will be practically snow free. It will be more like the mid-Atlantic today. And that will change how the ecosystem stores water which could lead to more droughts. So I guess I should just get used to that brown lawn.

Over 2000 cases a day now, and rising. 2200 yesterday.

Conservative columnist Grace Curley compares Trump to “a tick on a horse,” and said Democrats will be sad to see him go. I half agree with her.

And here’s how the election results were covered by a newspaper in Scotland. Love the use of the word “rubbished.”

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